New Orleans Hornets Hoop Star Chris Paul Gets Lap Dance From Nicki Minaj

Baby-faced NBA hoop star Chris Paul got the ride of his life last Thursday (April 14), and it didn’t have a thing to do with his upcoming playoff series against the world champion Los Angeles Lakers squad.

Lil Wayne made a stop in his hometown of New Orleans with his successful "I Am Still Music" tour alongside starlet Nicki Minaj and Maybach Music Group chief Rick Ross. During Nicki Minaj’s set, however, things got a touch risqué when the curvy beauty called out all-star point guard of the New Orleans Hornets Chris Paul for a friendly and, by most accounts, tame lap dance.

Photos and video show the boyishly handsome and bespectacled Paul helplessly confined to a chair while Nicki Minaj had her way with him. To be fair to CP3, he mostly grinned and kept his hands to himself while Nicki playfully and suggestively danced for him. The moment, less of a lap dance and more of a PG-rated burlesque number, had fans in the New Orleans arena going wild. Decked in a rainbow bright and multi-colored bodysuit, Nicki’s infamous backside was as much on display as her rap talent.

Nicki has doled out a few lap dances on tour, even giving one to her Young Money Boss Lil Wayne on one occasion. Playing up her sexy and vampy image, the Pink Friday rapper has been enjoying the spotlight during the tour although she has reported that the grind of performing from city to city has been somewhat tough on her.

Nicki will get a month off to rest before joining pop sensation Britney Spears on her promotional Femme Fatale tour which runs through the summer.

Chris Paul and the New Orlean Hornets are taking on Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers in the first of a seven game series today (April 17).

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