Should Reality TV Star Pauly D Sign With G-Unit Records?

G-Unit general 50 Cent is known for his quick-witted and sarcastic humor and the affable jokester loves to poke fun at anyone no matter how famous they may be. However, the latest rumor reported by gossip outfit TMZ that the Queens native is in talks to sign Jersey Shore star Pauly D is intriguing enough to investigate the question of whether this is another humorous send-off from Fif or, if true, would this move even benefit the buzzing reality star.

Currently set to embark on season 4 of the wildly popular MTV reality series, Pauly D also doubles as a DJ – recently scoring a resident gig at the Palms Casino resort in Las Vegas. With a Sin City residency, hit show and worldwide fame as both a DJ and TV star, could a move to G-Unit help bolster his career even further?

It is no secret that 50 Cent has embraced the club music sounds that Pauly D is known for spinning and the rapper has been experimenting with the pop and dance sound, most recently with G-Note Records artist Hot Rod on the track “Dance With Me.”

Pauly D releases a single via Universal Republic Records titled “Beat Dat Beat” last year which did chart and with all of the buzz that already surrounds him, a G-Unit or, more specifically, a G-Note pairing would make sense if for no other reason the G-Unit record subsidiary label is primarily focused on pop, dance and R&B music.

As this scene unfolds, 50 Cent and Pauly D will have to face questions soon enough, although neither gentleman has come forth to confirm or deny the supposed talks.

Would Pauly D gain anything from singing to 50 Cent’s label? Is this all one elaborate joke from the G-Unit captain? Tweet to us at @MTVRapFix or leave us a comment below.