R&B Crooner Jeremih Recants A Thieving Past On ‘When I Was 17’


Handsome R&B crooner and boy genius Jeremih wasn’t always the generally well-behaved man he is today. The “Birthday Sex” star was recently featured on the MTV series “When I Was 17” where the Chicago native retold a tale of how his thieving actions led to him having to jump out of his third floor college dorm window.

Graduating from Morgan Park High School in Chicago at 16, a young Jeremih eventually enrolled into the University of Illinois as an engineering student. In his sophomore year, one of the singer’s dorm mates owned the popular video game Grand Theft Auto. Jealous of his floor mate’s good fortune and frustrated that his friend wouldn’t let him borrow the game, Jeremih took it upon himself to, ahem, borrow the title but ended up getting caught hot-handed by the roommate of his friend.

“So this one night, I actually went to his room and knocked and he was sleep, said Jeremih. “So I saw the game, I got the game and tried to tiptoe out. But he had a roommate, and I knew his eye was open. I went to my room and locked my door and I was playing it. And sure enough, an hour and a half later (makes knocking on door motion).”

Jeremih incurred the wrath of the video game owner as he ignored the friend’s pleas to open the door and return the video game. But in a classic tale of revenge, Jeremih’s dorm room door was glued shut by the game owner and he had to suffer taunts from classmates who heard him pleading to get out. In a hasty maneuver to escape, Jeremih donned four thick coats and jumped out his dorm window three floors below into a thicket of bushes.

The All About You star should be able to buy plenty of video games now and with a new single “Down On Me” alongside G-Unit head honcho 50 Cent, his star should be rising in the coming months.