Burbank Police Say Teyana Taylor Suspect in Felony Assault

Teyana Taylor is wanted (sort of) by the Burbank Police Department for the alleged beat down of a woman who said something about her buddy Chris Brown in a studio she was kicking it in (no pun intended). Yesterday, TMZ reported on the "brutal attack," which went down on Saturday, April 9, and soon thereafter Taylor proceeded to profess her innocence, via Twitter.

“im being accused of something i didnt do, #STOPTRYNABRINGMEDOWN its a big year for me, im WINNING!! #MadeasBigHappyFamily in theaters 4/22,” tweeted Taylor, who obviously will be appearing in Tyler Perry’s new film.

However, MTV RapFix spoke to Sergeant Robert Quesada of the Burbank PD who confirmed TMZ’s reporting and that the police would like to holla at Taylor. “Right now she’s listed as a suspect in a felony assault on a victim,” Sergeant Quesada told RapFix, adding, “The reason why it was made a felony is because she had boots on.”


Quesada relayed that the victim described what happened—that she was punched and kicked by Taylor after making a comment about Chris Brown—and wants to press charges. The police observed that the victim had abrasions and swelling to her face, scratches on her neck and cheek and swelling below her left eye and the bridge of her nose.

“We’d like to talk to her to just get her side of the story,” Quesada said. “No charges have been filed as of yet but once detectives complete their investigation then they’ll submit to the DA’s office and the DA will determine what charges, if any, will be filed.”

Taylor’s allegedly laid hands, and feet, on her victim in a recording studio that Quesada said was on the 4300 block of West Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank. A Google search turns up that LA Sound Gallery is probably the scene of the alleged altercation. Although there were witnesses at the studio, it appears no one was willing to drop dime.

“There’s always two sides to the story,” Quesada said. “Even though there were people at the recording studio when this went on, nobody seemed to want to say anything or knew anything. We’re trying to get at least Ms. Taylor’s side of the story.”

Taylor is credited as a writer on Chris Brown's "So Cold" from his Graffiti album and sung vocals on Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as well as the GOOD Fridays song "Christmas in Harlem." Although Taylor signed to Pharrell William's Star Trak label in 2007, she has yet to release an album.