Waka Flocka Flame's Mom Deb Antney Stops By The Couches Of 'RapFix Live'


Earlier today (April 13), Waka Flocka Flame graced the set of “RapFix Live” with Sway and the Brick Squad soldier revealed to the viewing audience a humble sincerity and self-awareness of his ability and rise to fame. Waka credited much of his success to not only his ability to hustle and his Brick Squad team, but also to the guidance of his manager and mother Deb Antney.

Waka’s mom joined her son and Sway on the couch and offered some unflinching straight talk about her son’s career arc, the skepticism she had in his interest in music and demonstrated some of the leadership qualities that made her one of the top move makers in the talent-stacked music scene in the Atlanta region.

“With Waka, I didn’t take him seriously at first. I really didn’t, “shared Ms. Antney in her still thick New York accent. “He was really angry at me. He kept bringing me his music and I wasn’t listening to it. I didn’t want to hear anything that he had to say.”

Deb Antney gave her son an ultimatum – he would have to leave his street affairs behind him if he wanted his mother’s assistance. “And then my famous line to him is like ‘you gonna trap or rap?’ so when you leave the streets alone, come see me and I’ll listen to it.” Waka finally did enough to impress his mom with his breakout smash "Oh Let’s Do It" however, leading Ms. Antney to get behind Waka’s career although he still mingled with the street life. “He had it real rough with me,” said the tough talking mom.

Raised in the tough streets of Queens, New York, Deb Antney and her family eventually found their way to the south in Georgia’s Clayton County in the city of Riverdale after surviving the hardships of urban decay in the north – and her no nonsense upbringing served her well as she worked behind the scenes in the music industry.

After working with rapper Atlanta-based rapper Ludacris and his nonprofit foundation, she founded Mizay Management and helped shaped the careers of Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman and also estranged fellow Queens native Nicki Minaj. Deb eventually went on to work later with producer Lex Luger and helped her son’s career take off while raising Waka’s profile to superstar heights, an incredible leap for a young artist who just started rhyming a scant three years ago.

Deb Antney is truly one of hip hop’s top power brokers and the devoted mom with her tough love approach has reversed her son’s fortune as only a mother can.