Fans React To Gucci Mane's Arrest

Gucci Mane can't seem to stay out of trouble with the law. The Atlanta rapper was arrested

last Friday and charged with a misdemeanor count of battery for allegedly pushing a woman out of his Hummer back in January.

The victim filed a police report that contained details that definitely don't put the "Lemonade" rapper in the best of lights. According to the report, on the morning of January 28, the victim, a 36 year-old Atlanta resident, was at the South Dekalb Mall when she was approached by a male driving a white Hummer that turned out to be Gucci Mane. The victim says Gucci asked if she wanted to get breakfast and she entered the vehicle after agreeing to. However, once in the vehicle Gucci allegedly offered the victim $150 to “go to the hotel.” It is when she refused and asked to be returned to the mall that the rapper allegedly leaned over to open the passenger side door and proceeded to shove her out of the car, after several tries, while the vehicle was in motion.

The blogosphere was discussing Gucci's latest predicament all weekend, and continues to do so today.

"Gucci Mane screws up again, in a really WTF way. Finding comfort in the new "Everything Brick Squad" video.," tweeted @louder_now.

Heads also had plenty of jokes.

"Gucci Mane pushed a 36 yr old groupie out his car cuz she wasnt tryna f--k she thought she was goin to waffle house not the ice cream house," tweeted @iAMbrandiwine.

Others didn't take too kindly to finding any humor in the situation.

"Why is everyone defending this sick twisted freak Gucci Mane? Yeah she was thirsty or hungry or wateva but y push her out a moving car?," tweeted @Dow_JonesB.

Strangely, their are still fans riding with LaFlair, no pun intended.

"I may not be into Gucci Mane's music, but I still respect the Brotha!! I wish him nothing but healthy and all other good things!!!, tweeted @Africans4Africa.