Miley Cyrus Wants To Record With Gucci Mane?

It's no secret that Gucci Mane has fans of all ages and color. His latest vocal supporter, singer Miley Cyrus, is just the latest to join the fray.

While aboard a flight Cyrus went on a Gucci twitter-thon, giving multiple references to the jailed rapper.

"Don't mind me just showin off muahhh grill with @gucci1017at the urrrport!" Cyrus tweeted showing Gucc's Source cover.

"So... In honor of @gucci1017 I was singing the Ice Cream Freeze on the airplane & Denika told me to shut up & I'm embarrassing her."

While Gucci Mane would sure to be honored by Miley's tweets he currently has much bigger things on his mind. The Alabama rapper was arrested this past Friday on probation violation charges after authorities claim he pushed a woman from his moving vehicle.

On the morning of January 28, the victim, a a 36-year-old Atlanta resident, was at the South DeKalb Mall when she was approached by a male driving a white Hummer who turned out to be Gucci Mane. The victim says Gucci asked if she wanted to get breakfast and she entered the vehicle after agreeing. However, once in the vehicle, Gucci allegedly offered the victim $150 to "go to the hotel." It is when she refused and asked to be returned to the mall that the rapper allegedly leaned over to open the passenger side door and proceeded to shove her out of the car, after several tries, while the vehicle was in motion.

According to the report, the victim "had redness on her left side/back area." Although she had never met the "Lemonade" rapper before, she stated that she was familiar with his music and "recognized an 'ice cream cone' tattoo on the suspect's face."

According to Mekka Parrish of the DeKalb County Police Department, the warrant stemmed from an April 1 court date, where it was likely issued. These latest charges may lead to another jail sentence for Gucci Mane, who was released from Fulton County Jail after serving six months of a yearlong sentence for a parole violation on an aggravated assault conviction.

Upon Gucci's release, he may have a collaboration waiting in the wings that one of his fans are highly anticipating.

"You know what would be my summer jam??? @tracecyrus and @gucci1017 on a track together! HAYYY!" Cyrus tweeted.

Gucci Mane and Cyrus on a track together? Anything's possible in this rap world.

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