Nicki Minaj Head On Tour With Britney Spears? Fans Say Yes!


After publicly declaring she was finished with doing collaborations for a duration of two year, although leaving an open slot for one starlet who released her sixth #1 album debut this week, it seems that the possibility of the red hot Young Money diva Nicki Minaj and the remerging pop darling Britney Spears joining up will happen – on tour at the very least.

Nicki Minaj opened up to MTV News about the possible union after performance last night (April 7) at Casio's TRYX OUT: NYC 2011 Launch Party at the Best Buy Theater. “I am in talks of joining Britney Spears, yeah," Minaj offered. "I'm in talks about a lot of things, ya know. I don't know — oops, I did it again.” With international signing sensation Enrique Iglesias dropping out of Britney’s promotional tour for her latest album Femme Fatale, the rumor mill churned up with the possibility of the Pink Friday star joining Spears although Minaj is currently on tour with Young Money boss Lil Wayne and the "I Am Still Music" tour which wraps up on the first of May.

Fans all over the Web but especially Twitter delighted at the idea of the hit making ladies possibly hitting the road together with many others not as enthused. Still, there was overwhelming interest in the union throughout cyberspace. “[I]ts perfect, its some of biggest pop acts on tour together. Though it'll probably come off like the poor girls Lady Gaga tour,” tweeted @StikFiga out of Kanas. @deanaliciousdef added, “[I]s nicki really going on tour with britney? i would dieeee.”

Still some people aren’t thrilled at the prospect. “A bit of an odd couple, but I'm not against it. I wouldn't go see either one so why not merge them together for one mediocre show,” shared @jadeofalljades. And @ArmedPropaganda quipped, “[T]hat sounds like three hours of aural assault.”

Twitter fan @JeTaraS summed up it up as best she could in her tweet. “I think it's smart for brit not sure what nicki will gain for it. Brits not on top anymore and nicki could possibly outshine the master. But Brit will def sell out which is good.”