Phony Drake Manager Pulls Another Scam

By Kathy Iandoli

Drake fans have fallen victim to yet another scam involving a concert that will never happen.

Earlier this week in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania fans received a shock when they found out their tickets to a supposed Drake show at Sherman Theater were fake. Someone posing as Drake’s manager booked two shows at the venue, demanding cuts of the ticket sales. The tickets ran as high as $50 for both of the sold-out dates. Fans will receive all of their money back, but there is no return on their disappointment. “So mad the drake concert is canceled. & Nikki minaj was suppose to be the guest too! Ugh!” a disappointed fan @ashleykiyana tweets. "At least I get my $ back." Per Drake’s real rep, the singer/rapper is hard at work on the follow-up to his debut Thank Me Later and will not be touring for a while. “Everyone mad about the drake concert lol Iheard it was a scam smh..” tweets @nikoli22. “I would have been mad if they canceled a drake concert, too,” @heisalegend sympathizes.

Last September, Drake’s name was also thrown into the concert scam pool, as fake concert promoters were booking Drake shows and leaving with the cash. Around that same time, fans of Nicki Minaj learned the horrors of fraud as New Jersey’s Montclair State University booked a Minaj concert with tickets at $40 each, only to find the phony promoter skipped town.

Minaj handled the matter via Twitter, learning that the New Jersey University wasn’t the only location that she was falsely scheduled to appear.

Drake’s recent scam is currently under investigation.

While it’s true that Drizzy won’t be appearing on any tour of his own at the moment, he’s been doing surprise dates on Lil Wayne’s "I Am Music II Tour." However, those who missed their chance at seeing Drake due to a scam are still salty. “I am still mad about the Drake hoax concert last year, he didn't even make it up to us,” @LoveChuch tweets. “I almost got killed.”