Drake Addresses Rumors Of Being Kicked Out Of Young Money

By Kathy Iandoli

An April Fools rumor hit the mill on Friday (April 1st) about Drake being kicked out of Young Money. The reason was over an argument after a concert in Pennsylvania that allegedly occurred on March 31st between Lil Wayne, Drake, and Baby. The result? A Drizzy banishment.

Fans can rest easy knowing this rumor was completely false, and Drake spoke out about it.

HipHopWired, one of the first outlets to report the rumor, had the video of Drake squashing the rumor at a show in D.C.’s Verizon Center.

“You see today, when I landed in D.C. and I got off the plane, this n*gga looked me in my eyes and he asked me, ‘Did you drop out of Young Money?'” Drake advised the crowd. “And I looked him right back in his eyes and I said, ‘Boy, are you out your motherf**kin' mind?!' Man, I want this sh*t ‘Forever!’”

That speech cleverly segued into his hit “Forever”.

For anyone not in the D.C. area the rumor still lives on, as some fans were still tweeting today (April 4th) about their shock that Drake left the YM family.

“Can't believe Drake got kicked out of Young Money :,” @matteoscaglione laments. “I really thought that rumor about Drake being kicked out of Young Money was an April fools joke. I'm so lost,” continues @girlySOHL. “Drake just got kicked out of young money whoa lol,” a shocked @javisupreme adds.

While many fans are aware now that the rumor is false, some anti-Drake rabble-rousers are thrilled with the “news”.

“Drake got kicked out of young money?! YESSS! Happiest day of my life! I can die a happy man now,” @sssskkyyeeee prematurely celebrates.

This isn’t the first time Drake fans had the wool pulled over their eyes by rumors. Just last year Drake started his own rumor that he was married to Young Money first lady Nicki Minaj. That rumor was also false; however, the two did unite for Minaj’s video “Moment 4 Life”, a track where Drake romanticizes wedding his YM female counterpart.

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