Nicki Minaj Lashes Out At Lil Kim On Dis Record Featuring Lil Wayne


The Battle of the Barbies has been restarted in a major way. Yesterday, a leaked audio snippet hit the Web featuring a most scathing verse full of disses from Young Money diva Nicki Minaj toward familiar enemy Lil Kim – and while the product is supposedly unfinished, the verse is decidedly potent.

Even though the track is officially untitled, the blogosphere has taken to referring to the track as “Tragedy” and Nicki Minaj minces no words in her short but relentless attack on the Queen Bee.

“Pink Friday, Eminem 8 mile, It must hurt to sell your album on Paypal/Especially when you in the game 15-20, You was hot when Shaq teamed up with Penny/Man, you was magic/I mean, Look at you now ho, you just tragic/You a tragedy, You a parody, Last name Ann, first name Raggedy/These goofy bitches is stupidity personified, Ayo Wayne, you wanna Gully, Go to Gaza side,” raps the focused Pink Friday starlet.

Last month, Minaj gave an indication the record was on the way.

“I can’t confirm or deny if there’s another album in the works,” Nicki exclusively told MTV News. “All I can say is that what is in the works will be epic.”

The producer of the track, Hit-Boy, revealed via his Twitter account last night that the track was not intended for release and based on the lyrics, the song is sure to be blessed with a Lil Wayne appearance. “I'm glad yall feeling that beat for that nicki verse. even tho it aint supposed to be out. I appreciate the Love,” tweeted Hit-Boy.

Nicki Minaj has certainly taken a much higher road than Lil Kim in recent weeks with barely negligent responses to the Brooklyn bombshell's veiled and open rap threats, but this new verse will most certainly ignite fires between two of the most prominent female rap acts in the game now.

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