Lil Wayne Drops '6 Foot 7 Foot' Video, Experts React


Thanks to the Internets for being epically impatient, Lil Wayne’s video for “6’7”” sprung a leak late last night. The Bangladesh produced burner is the lead single from Weezy’s upcoming Tha Carter IV project.

Just about anything @liltenuchi drops gets folk talking, and the Hype Williams directed video is no exception.

The version making the blog rounds is dated February 25. Some are speculating that it may not be the finished product as some sites are claiming.

“I thought I was looking at a leak,” says Maurice Garland of “It was cool how for Wayne's verses they had actual visuals to match the words. I didn’t really get where the Inception angle came in, though.”

The video opens with a scene cribbed from Christopher Nolan’s Inception with Weezy in a chair falling backwards into a bathtub.

“The Inception theme was ill, I don't believe any rappers have taken it there yet,” says Mikey Fresh of and “Also, there weren't too many unnecessary cameos. Sorry Khaled. Hype [Williams] did a great job of keeping the focus on Weezy and Cory's wordplay, without boring viewers or taking it to the extreme, which would have distracted us.”

Others weren’t as impressed with the video’s nod to the Oscar winning film.

“Is this Weezy's first video since his release from Rikers? Wow,” says Monique Balcarran, Music Editor of “This creative effort must be an insight of what sober Weezy is like and I don't like it. I don't think inebriated Weezy would have approved that video. Yes, Inception was a kick-ass movie, but if you don't have the funds to properly execute its visual concept — the very reason why Inception is the s--t— then just stick to the rapper formula of videos: thick red bones and Young Money group shots.”

Young Money acts like Jae Millz and Lil Twist, and Birdman, do make cameos. But ultimately, besides Cory Gunz’s closing verse, the video is all about Weezy.

“Just like Wayne’s lyrics, this video is all over the place,” says Simone “Boss Lady” Kapsalides, Host/Content Manager of “As he raps in the song he is his own consultant—that’s obvious here with discombobulated scenes of his head falling off, dogs rolling around, him dressed in a suit being submerged in a bathtub and Amazonian vixens looking like they stepped out from a 1980s Robert Palmer video. The whole thing definitely feels like a dream coming straight from Weezy’s mad as a hatter mind.”

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