Odd Future Mocks Music Industry, Prep For Woodies


By Kathy Iandoli

The future is anything but odd for the collective known as OFWGKTA, or Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All.

Since the group first turned hip hop heads last year, they’ve been continuing to gain steam, biting back at anyone who thinks otherwise of their success. An interesting point to note is the group’s closeness and understanding of present-day media, as frontman Tyler the Creator has spoken through Twitter about his distaste for blogs’ opinions of OFWGKTA’s music.

The crew collaborated with internet sketch comedy troupe Funny Or Die to make a video spoofing the music industry and their lack of understanding of Odd Future’s music. The vid comedically shows label execs trying to rename Odd Future the “Funtime Gang” and collaborate with Katy Perry. “It’s like the Black Eyed Peas if the Black Eyed Peas made music,” the exec explains on a phone call. Questlove of the Roots and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon house band retweeted the link with a trick tag. “ODD FUTURE get SIGNED!!!!!!!!!!! http://bit.ly/hlGqXw (expand) #calledITfirst !!!!!!!!!” @questlove tweeted. Quest’s tweet was retweeted several times by fellow fans with “hilarious!” and “LOL’s” attached.

Odd Future recently wowed the Fallon audience when they performed a few weeks ago. So much that even Kanye West tweeted about them, linking Tyler the Creator’s video for the creepy track “Yonkers” in his tweet. Odd Future’s fan base is growing by the minute, respecting their evolutionary style of hip hop that they’re bringing to the forefront.

“So Happy So Proud! HIPHOP is still evolving... ODD FUTURE!!!” one fan @LaurYnCheney tweeted. “It’s gunna be an Odd Future,” another fan @D_MenaceSix0 continued.

Still, not everyone falls in love that fast.

“I'm not completely on this Odd Future Wave yet #dontjudgeME” @ms_weedon tweets. “Gonna give Odd Future another chance today...partly cuz they did Funny or Die,” another user @og_chanker stated. Another tweeter @donetodeath challenged their success beyond the internet by asking, “Is Odd Future popular in the real world or just on Tumblr?”

The nine-member LA based crew will be taking their act offline once again, performing alongside Wiz Khalifa at this year’s mtvU Woodie Awards airing live on March 16th via SXSW.

With Odd Future being compared to the likes of groups like the GraveDiggaz from hip hop’s gory “horrorcore” days, who knows what to expect from their SXSW performance.

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