Lil Kim Releases Snippet of New Track 'Ether'


Lil Kim isn’t letting up on her anti-Nicki Minaj campaign.

Last week she was explaining why her foe is “Carbon Copy” via video, and yesterday (March 1), via her official Twitter account, Lil Kim dropped a minute long snippet of a song called “Ether.” According to a source the track may not make the final cut on Kim's Black Friday mixtape. Over the instrumental for Nas’ “Ether,” produced by Ron Browz, the Queen B drops a quick couple of bars, which are obviously aimed towards her rap nemesis from Queens.

“Brace yourself for the main event/Y’all been patiently waiting it’s time to finish all these fake imitations,” spits Kim. “It hurts to have to kill something that you created, now you can go to hell and impersonate Satan.”

DJ Big Mike’s vocal drops are heard throughout and he closes the song by announcing that Black Friday is coming March 4, the same day Kim is saying that the mixtape will finally be shipping to everyone that dropped their $9.99 for the project via PayPal.

More recently, Kim has revealed she will be making a special announcement via UStream late Thursday, March 4.

“#LilKimILoveAllMyFans being that you guys are so great I will do a special Ustream Thurs at 9pm est. p.s. WHO DA F--K WANT WAR?,” she tweeted.

But that announcement will be after her appearance on MTV RapFix Live, so be sure to tune in.

Be sure to lock in with MTV RapFix Live tomorrow, March 3, at 4PM ET to witness Sway’s one on one interview with Kimmy Blanco.