Lupe Fiasco Responds To 'Lasers' Leak, Supporters Rally On

Almost on cue, Lupe Fiasco’s much delayed third album Lasers leaked yesterday (March 1). Plenty of Lupe fans praised the album, saying they would support the project by purchasing it on March 8 when it is due in stores; a robust amount of people who downloaded the leak were not as impressed.

Fiasco acknowledged some of this backlash in a series of tweets today. The first read, “I never thought lasers would inspire so much negativity. Reading the comments and reactions is crushing.”

In the next message, Fiasco gave praise to the fans that helped get the album off of the Atlantic Records shelf. “To all the Lupe fans who protested and petitioned you did a GREAT thing. Don't let people belittle what u achieved,” he tweeted.

The Chicago rapper recently told that he loves and hates Lasers because there were a number of compromises he had to make to have the album released.

As usual the Tweets have been very frank about their opinions, and there were plenty of positive ones.

“@LupeFiasco you are probably the most clever individual ever. Honestly, I will probably buy 76 copies of Lasers. #dontdumbdownnothing,” tweeted @ScottGlayshaaa

“Lasers is a dope ass album.... Very good Hip Hop album to start the year!!!!!,” tweeted @JoseArroyo05

“@LupeFiasco Gotta love Lasers..three great albums in a row. Purchase asap Forget the negativity..L.A.S.E.R.S!! Break the the game!,” tweeted @Skipton

A bunch of Twitter users were creative in expressing their displeasure.

“#LASERS = Long Awaited Sappy Excuses for Radio Singles,” tweeted @V5NDETTA

Plenty of Fiasco supporters also stressed the need to support the artist at the register despite the leak.

“@LupeFiasco I bought lasers album already of course, but i downloaded the leak too. It's amazing, truthful, and i can feel every song on it,” tweeted @scipherneo

“I am NOT pirating @LupeFiasco 's album. Those who do are weak, and cannot support a great artist. #Lasers #March8th,” tweeted @yowhatupbroth

Even MTV got thrown into the discussion.

“Lupe acts as if he's a concious rapper, yet his videos are being played all over MTV everyday. And his Lasers logo is an antichrist symbol,” tweeted @RGvulgara

Well, what do you think of Lasers, or are you waiting until March 8? Tweet to us at @MTVRapFix or tell us in a comment below?