Katy Perry And 'Friend' Kanye West Finally Unveil 'E.T.'


By Kathy Iandoli

As expected, a “real” video for Perry and West’s single “E.T.” has finally hit the ground running – from planet to planet.

A while back a video for the reworked track off Perry’s Teenage Dream was leaked online, basically full of lights and words (much like West’s non-epilepsy friendly intro to his “All Of the Lights” video). This time, however, West and Perry are in rare form and getting their intergalactic planetary on.

West isn’t doing much in the video, basically floating around space, while Perry dons make-up and prosthetics – representing something of a sexy cyborg from outer space.

Fans are responding well to this video, which dropped earlier today (March 31st) as Perry tweeted a countdown to the video starting yesterday (March 30th).

“Wow... that Katy Perry feat. Kanye West ‘E.T.’ vid is dope,” tweets @ crisc0. “Loooove this,” adds @Justin00009. The video has been retweeted several times and picked up by a variety of online outlets, such as celebrity blog Just Jared, as well as Hip-Hop blog Miss Info.

The video lives up to its extraterrestrial songtitle, as Perry falls for an alien (a naked one in fact). No, it’s not West either. He spends most of the video doing as we said. Floating.

The single itself is Number One on the charts, and Perry tweeted West her excited sentiments. “@kanyewest congrats friend, we did it! #sweet,” Katy tweeted to Kanye yesterday.

With the song already a hit, the video can only keep propelling it up the charts. In the meantime fans are happy that the two made an all out video as anticipated.

“Woah...This Katy Perry x Kanye West ET video is effin ILL,” says @sandmart444, “....like wowsas.”

Watch Katy Perry's "E.T." video, featuring Kanye West. And don't miss Katy Perry's "E.T." video, featuring Kanye West, tonight on MTV at 7:53pm ET, followed by MTV News' live "MTV First" interview with Katy Perry on MTV.com!

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