Fans React To J.Lo’s 'I’m Into You' Ft. Lil Wayne

By Erika Ramirez

There’s no denying that J.Lo came back strong with her second single, “I’m Into You,” featuring Lil Wayne. Yesterday (March 30th), J.Lo’s second single off Love? (May 3rd), written by Taio Cruz, made it’s way on to the ‘net after Ryan Seacrest played a 30 second snippet.

RapFix turned to the blogosphere to hear what the fans had to say of the Stargate produced track.

“You know, I’m not mad at this. I figured she’d fall into this atrocious Dubstep/Europop trend that everybody looking for radio success is doing,” a Rap-Up Magazine commenter said. “But this actually has a nice little groove to it. I could see myself playing this. Good on ya, J.Lo.”

“J.Lo is still the hottest chick in the game and she’s back! Watch how many haters try to diss the reigning queen of fabulosity in 5, 4, 3, 2… “ DaBxDon, another Rap-Up commenter, said.

“GO J.LO! LET THEM HATERS KNOW!” JoshHot100, Billboard commenter, said.

Some, on the other hand weren’t too fond of the record.

“It it is vomit inducing. Nails down a blackboard sound better,” a Just Jared commenter said. “Let the much younger and way more talented girls do this kind of thing - you just can’t!”

“Lets hear J.Lo do a song without a rapper helping her out and I think you will hear what I hear. The beat is nice and it’s much better than her first song that I would like to forget,” another Just Jared commenter said.

In February 2011, the Puerto Rican American Idol judge confessed to Hot 97’s radio personality, Angie Martinez that Wayne may be the best rapper out, "I was listening to what he was saying and I just really enjoyed it. He might be one of the best out there right now. He might be the best. He’s really good.”

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