Amber Rose Joins Beau Wiz Khalifa On RapFix Live!


On today’s (March 29) edition of RapFix Live (new day, same dope guests), our featured guest was the super cool and laid back Wiz Khalifa. The smooth stoner is dating model and newly minted Sirius/XM radio host Amber Rose and surprisingly Wiz was not shy about professing his adoration for his drop dead gorgeous girlfriend.

After some playful prodding from our host Sway, Amber joined her beau on the couches of RapFix Live but not before Wiz spoke about his relationship with refreshing honesty. “Um, you know, I’m just, I’m me. That’s what it is,” said Wiz. “I’m completely comfortable with everything about me and my life. That’s what my career has been built off of. Everybody gets that right away. So you don’t gotta find out nothing about me. I’m not gonna hide it, I’m gonna completely embrace it.”

Amber Rose eventually sat down after Wiz spoke freely about his transparency and immediately the chemistry between the two became readily evident. After Sway asked the couple how they deal with backlash, Wiz took the lead on answering on his lady’s behalf. “We just stay positive with each other, that’s the important thing, “said the Taylor Gang representative. “The game will try to tear you down and try to make you feel like what you have already is not enough. We’re very very close and we understand each other’s life.”

When Sway asked Amber about first meeting the Pittsburgh rapper, the Philly-bred beauty couldn’t contain her beaming smile when she answered. “He’s really funny, he’s really charming. I didn’t know much about his music at first, “said Amber. “Obviously he became a good friend and I began listening to his music and we became really close. He’s just awesome, he’s talented, he’s amazing, “she further gushed.