Chris Brown Appears On 'Dancing With The Stars' Fans React

photo courtesy of ABC/Splash News

While Chris Brown looks to rehab his image and promote his latest album F.A.M.E. all while battling further allegations that he is still dealing with some lingering anger issues, the gifted yet beleaguered R&B singer took his down south charm and formidable dancing talent to the stages of hit ABC show Dancing With The Stars last evening (March 29).

Already dealing with a blowup off air as a guest on the Good Morning America show that went down last week, Chris Brown and the television network have seemingly made peace. Last week, Brown was apparently sent into a rage after host Robin Roberts questioned the singer about his 2009 assault case involving then girlfriend Rihanna – it should be noted that Brown is still on probation as a result of those charges.

Appearing on the Dancing With The Stars elimination show last night, Chris Brown performed a high energy set featuring the songs “Yeah 3X” and a medley of “Forever” and current single “Beautiful People.” Aside from getting glowing accolades from all three judges on the show and raucous applause from the entire studio audience, fans on Twitter also voiced their excitement and displeasure.

“I did not watch " Dancing with the Stars" last night until the last 2 minutes. I boycotted the show cause of Chris Brown He sickens me,” tweeted @Sweetprincess17. An approving @_BossKitty tweeted, “So Chris Brown did a great performance on Dancing with the Stars... #notshock.” Twitter user @Natty3K added to the mostly positive reviews on the fast moving network. “So Chris Brown Died His Hair Back To Normall .. True & His performance On Dancing With The Stars Was Sick,” he shared.

While Breezy no doubt thrilled his fans and made new ones with his fancy moves, not everyone was excited about the singer’s inclusion on the show. Host Tom Bergeron and contestant Cheryl Burke both voice their disdain of Brown. Burke, a victim of domestic violence and abuse, objected highly to Brown’s appearance. Bergeron has said publicly that he would prefer not to interview Brown, stating that he would feel compelled to ask the young singer about his legal snafu.