Lil Wayne Says Jersey Shore Is 'My Favorite Show'

After playfully admitting live on air that he has yet to listen to the albums from his own label’s big stars Drake and Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne confessed that he’s a huge fan of one of reality TV’s biggest hits.

Today (March 29) Weezy and his longtime mentor and label head at Cash Money Records, Birdman, graced the studios of HOT 97 this afternoon with host Angie Martinez where the Young Money mogul professed his love for MTV’s popular reality show Jersey Shore. “On the real, I just started watching Jersey Shore,” said Wayne. “You can ask them, I’m mad I missed out. And then the other day Vinny had on a “Free Weezy” shirt, I rocks with Jersey Shore, man.”

Forever the ladies’ man, Wayne rattled off his favorite female cast members of the show as well. “I like Deena and I like Angelina and, um, Jenni, “said the smooth talking New Orleans native. “Now if I catch one of them, it’s on.” Weezy went on to recant his vote for Deena but clearly has his eyes on Jenni. “On them nights she go out she throw them little dresses on, she could get it,” shared a lusting Wayne.

Wayne showed some love to the fellas of Jersey Shore as well. “I like they swag. I like Pauly D swag and um Vinny’s swag. I ain’t really on Ronnie and Mike like that, “said Weezy. “I like the fact that they set the trend you supposed to live by as a young male in this world. They go to the club, and they really come back with something like every time. Every time, fool. That’s my favorite show right there.”