Cam'Ron Tells Angie Martinez His Fashion Do's and Don'ts

Cam’Ron is many things; rapper, former high-school basketball star, Dipset general, sometime actor, the list goes on. Stylist is another title the Harlem native can claim. While his past affections for pink and purple hues have been well documented, during yesterday’s visit to the Angie Martinez Show on Hot 97, the MC laid out a few hilarious style dos and don’ts for the ladies. While most coverage of the interview focused on his announcement that the homie Vado signed a deal with Interscope Records, RapFix outlines the proper attire for would be Killa Cam jump offs.

DO NOT rock Coach anything.

Have you heard Cam’Ron and Vado’s “Hey Muma” from their upcoming Gunz ‘N Butta album. “Let me coach you, no Coach tags,” he quips on the song. Sure Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci are still good to go, but Coach no longer holds any cachet with Killa.

DO rock thigh high socks.

This one is for the ladies since it’s a safe bet he was not thinking of Tyler, the Creator’s socks when he mentioned this one. Cam also pointed at the main chick in his video for girl “Girls Cry” as an example—or see American Apparel. You can’t be mad at that look.

DO NOT rock Steve Madden shoes.

Steve Madden is known for making women’s shoes that at times look like knock offs of more expensive lines (think: Loubottins) but with more affordable prices. [] A trait Mr. Giles apparently isn’t too keen on. “If you rocking Steve Madden, we won’t go anywhere,” said Cam.

DO always. Wear. Socks.

“I don’t like feet, no homo, period. Guys or girls,” said Cam’Ron. Nuff said.

DO NOT wear red toe nail polish.

According to Cam’Ron, red toe nail polish puts a woman in the same lane as Louis Jefferson from The Jeffersons. “It make me think you like 72 years old,” he said. No disrespect to the late Isabel Sanford, of course.

Cam’Ron summed up his discriminating taste when describing the motivation behind his bars on “Hey Muma.” He told Angie Martinez, “It’s like, I like her but she just rocking the wrong thing, let me coach you. You looking good, you got potential, but you just need a stylist; a tutor, a sponsor. Somebody to get you correct. Cause it's a lot of girls that could be crazy good, but the swag messes up everything.”

Actually, that would be a lack of swag that messes up everything. Love is love.