Jay-Z Drops By Kentucky Wildcats Locker Room Following Win

By Kathy Iandoli

Jay-Z is the King of surprise appearances.

On Sunday night, the Kentucky Wildcats were shocked to have the rapper/entrepreneur visit their locker room following their win against North Carolina. Their victory (a 76 - 69 score) in the NCAA Tournament East Regional Final advanced the UK ball players to the Final Four.

"Going to the Final Four [is bigger] by far. But still, Jay-Z!" UK forward Darius Miller said after the surprise meeting with Jay-Z, USA Today reported. "It's crazy. This whole day has been crazy. I'm still taking it all in."

While Jay-Z wasn't spotted in the stands during the game (however, he could quite possibly have been there), the team saw the rapper in the hallway waiting to congratulate them with handshakes. He then followed them into the locker room to chat, amidst shouts of "Jay-Z's in the locker room!" The visit was definitely not planned, but Jay was proud of the team's success and even took photos with them.

Jay-Z may be the master of music, but sports are something he has also been putting his business toward. He is a partial owner of NBA team the New Jersey Nets and has been vocal about moving the team to his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. That move has been subject to multiple delays.

There was no explanation why Jay-Z was present at the ball game. Perhaps he was doing some scouting for his team? Maybe Roc Nation will be moving in the direction of athlete management as well? We can only wait and see what tricks Hov has up his sleeve.