Foxy Brown Gets The Boot From Tom Joyner Cruise

Inga “Foxy Brown” Marchand and her very public legal snafus and history of erratic behavior continue to plague the rapper and now, Foxy can add another unwanted feather to her ill-fitting cap.

Foxy Brown was an invited performer on the Tom Joyner Morning Show Fantastic Voyage cruise, an annual event put on by the popular morning radio personality. During his radio broadcast yesterday morning (March 25), Joyner announced to his listening public that he and his staff had to take rather drastic measures to get Foxy Brown to vacate the cruise. “We put Foxy off the cruise. Let’s just say she got put off,” revealed Joyner on his show. “You had to really act a fool to get put off.”

Details are sketchy, but reports say that earlier this week Foxy Brown was a phoned in guest on the show and seemingly got disconnected from Joyner and his co-hosts. However, Joyner was forgiving once he realized that Foxy Brown ended the call abruptly as the Ill Na Na did call back. “You know Foxy, after the interview, she called back and she was crying. And I said, ‘See, she’s gonna be alright.’ Well, I was proven wrong,” shared Joyner.

Joyner said Foxy was sent back to her quarters and ordered to be held down until whatever situation she was embroiled in simmered down, but the hosts stated that their actions didn’t suffice. According to Joyner’s co-host Sybil, Brown was booted from the ship and subsequently escorted to a nearby airport.

Foxy Brown has yet to offer any comment surrounding the incident.