50 Cent Slams Face Tattoos On Rappers

by Kathy Iandoli

Suffice to say, 50 Cent will not be getting an ice cream cone tattooed upon his face anytime soon.

As VIBE Magazine’s International Issue cover story, the rapper turned actor and entrepreneur spoke in the latest issue about rappers’ face tats and their personal brands. “To tattoo your face says that there's not a possibility that you can actually walk into a legitimate establishment without makeup covering your face every day,” he tells VIBE. “That does not work. It creates a separation. It says, ‘I'm an artist.’ That's it. That's the statement you make when you go and tattoo your face.”

Face tattoos on rappers are a growing, but not yet consistent trend as of late. While rappers like Lil Wayne, Game and Birdman had some facial ink earlier on, Gucci Mane started the trend up again a few months ago by tattooing an ice cream cone on his cheek. Yung LA followed suit and had a duck tattoo inked on his face. However, after getting the tat less than a month ago, the rapper already made moves to have it covered, replaced with an L.A. Dodgers logo (much like Game’s butterfly).

As 50 continued in his interview, artists don’t live in the spotlight forever, but that tattoo will stay there.

“Know that the public will not have interest in you as an artist for life,” he stated. “Talk to the best that do it and they will tell you that it will take more than you being an artist. It takes marketing, maneuvering to generate for that long. When you got 40 year-old rappers in the game, those guys have maneuvered and survived.”

Perhaps the only exception to rule 50 is Mike Tyson, whose African Tribal face tattoo was painted on in 2003, when the boxer was 37.