Is Young Buck Working With D12?

Former G-Unit soldier Young Buck, even while facing a 10 year prison sentence on gun charges, continues to work on new music and linking up with an unlikely source.

Young Buck got together with Eminem’s crew D12, according to a tweet from the Nashville native. “Bout to go HAM on this D-12 record!! Much Respect. EM # salute!!” Buck tweeted. D12 member Bizarre confirmed the pairing along with mentioning other notables for an upcoming mixtape such as Memphis crew Three 6 Mafia and underground female spitter Rah Digga. “36 mafia,.. radigga, young buck.. we got fire!!! trust me,” said Bizarre via his Twitter account.

An earlier report in 2009 showed that Buck narrowly avoided a feud with Eminem due to a curious intro that seemed to be an attack on Slim Shady. Buck quickly defended his words on DJ Whoo Kid’s G-Unit radio show, clarifying that the track “If I Have To” was not an Eminem diss as previously reported and that he would never attempt such a thing. Buck explained, “So when I went into the booth, I'm like 'Eminem, we after you’re a--' basically speaking on the production side of things because the producer of the track is a white dude and Eminem is his favorite and just f---ing with him.”

With Young Buck’s legal woes, which all began with the Tennessean owing Uncle Sam in back taxes, the rapper reportedly has to pay his former boss 50 Cent back for a $300,000 loan he gave Buck back in 2005.

Buck is currently free on a $100, 000 bond.