Lloyd Banks Wishes Young Buck No Harm


Good to know G-Unit foot soldier Lloyd Banks won’t kick a man while he’s down.

Speaking with MTV News alongside side multi-talented producer and singer Ryan Leslie, the self-proclaimed Punch Line King was asked to weigh in on former G-Unit compatriot Young Buck and his recent legal troubles.

The Nashville rapper was indicted on gun charges as a result of an IRS raid on his home. Because Buck is a convicted felon, the possession of the firearm could land him 10 years of prison. Buck is currently free on a $100,000 bond as he awaits trial.

Banks carefully commented on Buck’s situation, electing to take the high road which Buck certainly did not when he was booted from G-Unit in 2008 by 50 Cent. “[It’s] unfortunate. I don’t wish indictment or anything worse than that on anybody, “said Banks. He added, “Yeah, I have nothing negative to say about the situation [and] hopefully he makes it out that.”

If Lloyd gets into any trouble, he should be comforted by the news that his “So Forgetful” co-star has his back. “I gotta worry about Banks, “said the rapper in his gruff baritone. “Ain’t nobody gonna be throwing bail towards my way,” he added but not before Ryan Leslie chimed in. “I got you, homie,” said the “Addiction” star.

The pair is reportedly working on some visuals for their collaboration “So Forgetful” from Banks’ latest album Hunger For More 2, according to a tweet from Leslie’s Twitter page. No word yet on when the video will see an official release.