Ne-Yo Travels To Japan To 'Spread Love Through Music'

By Erika Ramirez

“You can also spread love through music,” Ne-Yo said. And that’s exactly what the R&B singer did when he traveled to Japan to support those stricken by the countries recent catastrophes. Ne-Yo stayed in Japan for a few days doing charity work in areas destroyed by this month’s earthquake and performing in Nagoya, Japan for proceeds.

On March 18th, crying fans met Ne-Yo at the airport on and thanked him for helping, “thank you for coming to help us.” He told his fans, via Twitter, about the charity work that he would be doing while in Japan.

“… All proceeds form the wristbands we’ve created especially for the shows will go directly to the victims of the quake. As well as the donations boxes that will be placed through out the venues. We spreadin’ love through music, through donation, through prayer. Love!” Ne-Yo tweeted.

On Saturday, March 19th, Ne-Yo performed some of his top hits, covering “Because of You,” “Sexy Love,” and more.

Ne-Yo took some time out to share a message, "The power of music breaks down barriers, be it language barrier, be it race barrier, whatever the case may be," Ne-Yo continued. "I don't think people understand how powerful music actually is. You can spread all kinds of messages through music. You can spread hatred through music, you can spread prejudice through music, but you can also and absolutely spread love through music and I think that's what's absolutely called for in this time of crisis. So that being said, spread love through music."

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