New Rick Ross Video Features Wiz, Wale And Weed

By Travis Helwig

What’s black and white with green all over? The new Rick Ross video.

The Bawse, teaming with bud connoisseur Wiz Khalifa and Maybach Music Group signee Wale, dropped the visuals earlier today for their new track “RetroSuperFuture II.” Originally just Rick and Wiz, the song was featured on Ross’ 2010 mixtape Ashes to Ashes. Shot in black and white, the video calmly cuts between the artists and the song’s main focus: weed.

Wiz takes a break from rapping on the song but lends his voice to the hook, singing, “I stay high, while y’all stay low/Trying to tell me about the smell, I know/My eyes stay red from all that smoke.” It’s classic Ross over the first few verses, comfortably spitting about drugs, women and relaxing. He opens the song with “The minute I wake up, I gotta get high/the homies, we found us a way to get by.” Wale adds his mixtape wordplay to the track’s finale, spitting “4-95, my lady light it for me/J big as a muffler, we puff that Meineke weed.” Oh, and keep your eyes open for the Travis Barker cameo.

It was only a few months ago that Rick Ross shared the cover of Source Magazine with Wiz Khalifa; the 2010 Man of the Year and Rookie of the Year respectively. With both dropping albums this year, it seems like 2011 might be even bigger for the two.

Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers drops March 29th while Ross and Wale are both promoting the Mayback Music debut compilation Self Made out May 24th.