Talib Kweli, Fans React To Wyclef Jean Shot In Haiti

By Kathy Iandoli

Wyclef Jean was shot in the hand in Haiti on Saturday night (March 19th).

The producer/rapper was shot while visiting the Delmas section of Haiti’s Port-au-Prince, the evening prior to Haiti’s presidential runoff vote. While the injury from the shooting was described as “minor”, Jean was brought to the hospital for treatment of a bullet graze and released shortly thereafter. CNN reports that Clef was shot while attempting to step out of his car to speak on his phone. Whether or not Jean was intentionally shot or it was accidental remains a mystery. Jean has, however, supported the presidential campaign of Michel Martelly (a fellow musician). Martelly is running against former first lady Mirlande Manigat in Haiti’s presidential election.

While some fans of the artist expressed concerns over Twitter and some joked unfortunately, rapper Talib Kweli felt otherwise.

“All yall talking about calm down it’s only his hand would change yall tune if someone was trying to murder you,” Kweli expressed over his Twitter account @realTalibKweli. “They wasn’t goin for his hand.” He continued, “We love Wyclef. Glad he’s ok. The man sacrifices for his people.”

In August, Jean was entertaining the idea of running for President of Haiti. Upon making the consideration public, he fell victim to numerous death threats, forcing him into hiding. After deciding against the presidential bid in September due to residency restrictions, Clef released a handful of songs, including “Death Threats” and “Election Time”, detailing his political experiences.

“So Wyclef does all of this stuff to keep Haiti from sinking, and then he receives death threats and gets shot in the hand? #BackwardWorld” @NiqueFreak questions. “They shot Wyclef? smh that’s what being to nice and making them peace song get you.. shot,” another user @Fxck_Ur_Tweet continues.

The investigation of the shooting is on hold, as Jean has refused to discuss the incident with police.

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