Nicki Minaj May Hit The Big Screen Soon

Maximizing her career opportunities while she has the spotlight trained on her, Young Money diva Nicki Minaj is reportedly soon to grace the big screen in a role in an upcoming film.

Although the star has yet to confirm the reports, the rapper is a desired actress to play the lead role of main character Erica Payne for author Michele A. Fletcher’s film adaptation of her bestselling novel Charge It To The Game, gossip blog Bossip reported. Fletcher also placed singer Keri Hilson and rapper Eve, who has acting chops with a short-lived sitcom under her belt under consideration.

In an odd twist of fate, Fletcher would even consider current Minaj rival Lil Kim in the role and there is some history there. Fletcher has said in previous reports that she was friendly with Lil Kim and members of Kim’s Junior M.A.F.I.A. while growing up in Brooklyn.

Fletcher’s novel is loosely based on the author’s life, who was reported to be involved in one of the country’s largest identity theft cases – her book focuses on the dangers of credit card fraud and identity theft, even offering tips to avoid such crimes.

Already cast in a 2009 independent film Stuck On Broke starring OJ Da Juiceman, Nicki’s acting aspirations makes sense if one factors in the multiple personalities and various voices the rapper has employed over the course of her young career. Add in the dazzling array of wigs and form fitting outfits, the Queens native and her movie star dreams don’t seem to far from being obtained.