Turks Talk Hot Boys Reunion, Lil Wayne, B.G., From Jail

As one of the founding members of the Cash Money collective known as the Hot Boyz, Young Turk alongside a teenaged Lil Wayne, B.G. and elder statesman Juvenile went on to release two albums commercially, with the second Guerilla Warfare selling platinum. The group disbanded due to financial differences but released a third LP filled with older material.

Young Turk eventually released his Gold-selling debut Young & Thuggin’ in 2001. Living up to that album’s title, Turk was involved in a 2004 shooting of a Tennessee police officer and convicted in 2005 on various federal charges. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison as pat of a plea deal due to a second-degree murder case.

Turk resurfaced recently with Southern mainstay DJ Smallz on his "Southern Smoke" Internet radio show and the Hot Boy got candid about a possible Hot Boys reunion, releasing a new album and what his first meal would be upon his freedom.

Still claiming YMCMB, Turk’s southern drawl still resonated although the hazy audio due to the phone recording made it difficult to hear Turk fully. “Right now, I’m in Mason, Tennessee,” revealed Turk. “I’m on my way out these doors, it’s been seven and a half long years. I got a second chance, God done blessed me.”

Smallz pressed Turk on what’s the first thing he’ll do when he leaves prison. “To be honest, I gotta give all thanks to God. I got to go see a church. It’s mandatory,” shared an elated sounding Turk. “I had got closer to God since I been in this situation and without him it wouldn’t be no me.”

Turk kept the details of his actual release date to himself but did say that his freedom is coming “any day now” but did say he will share the date as it comes down to the last 24 hours of his imprisonment.

Turk’s first meal choice as soon as he gets free showed that the rapper has an enthusiastic love of chicken. “Oh man I love me some chicken. Any kind of chicken. Fried chicken, jerk chicken, baked chicken, as long as it ain’t burnt, “said an excited Turk.

Turk has kept his mind sharp by picking up reading as a hobby and said he passed his time in prison by keeping in touch with his family and fans. Sounding upbeat the entire phone call, Turk shared that a Hot Boys reunion is certain to happen. Keeping in touch with B.G. and Juvenile, he said he has yet to speak to Lil Wayne since Weezy was freed from Rikers.

“We about to make it happen. It couldn’t be no Hot Boys reunion without me,” said Turk.

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