Family Of Victim In Tru Life Murder: 'We Believe The System Has Failed Us'

By Kathy Iandoli

As expected, rapper Tru Life has formally been sentenced to eight years in jail following his role in a deadly attack along with his older brother that left a Kips Bay, NY man dead.

Earlier, we reported that Tru Life was looking at ten years in prison for second-degree murder charges, along with gang assault and assault charges for both the rapper (Robert Rosado) and his brother (Marcus Rosado).

The charges stem from an altercation that occurred on June 15, 2009, resulting in 20-year old Christopher Guerrero losing his life. When Tru Life turned himself in, the former Roc La Familia signee was expecting first-degree murder charges. However, a plea deal dropped it down to gang assault.

Both Tru Life and his brother offered their condolences to the family of Christopher Guerrero during their sentencing. The two explained that Guerrero was an accidental casualty in the post-club brawl, which originated at New York’s Club Pacha and carried over to the outside of a Murray Hill apartment building several hours later. “Robert is extremely saddened by what happened. Mr. Guerrero did not deserve what happened to him,” said Tru Life’s attorney, Alana Abramson.

Guerrero’s family finds no peace in their apology.

The brother of Christopher Guerrero spoke to the Associated Press and voiced his discontent with the jail sentence. “Christopher, who was unarmed and defenseless, was attacked,” Guerrero stated, as his brother that night was unarmed in the midst of daggers. “We believe the system has failed us.”

Ramirez felt that the sentencing was lenient, and had the 34-year old rapper and his brother not been privy to expensive lawyers, a more stringent punishment would have fit the crime.

Per AOL Music’s The Boombox, Ramirez said the following Wednesday (March 16th) the Manhattan Supreme Court after learning of Tru Life’s formal sentence:

“We will never be able to erase the image of him trying to fight off his attackers with his bare hands while daggers were thrust upon him.”

Tru Life’s brother, Marcus Rosado, 39, was sentenced to ten years in prison for manslaughter, after pleading guilty to the incident.