Backstage With Odd Future At The mtvU Woodies


You can call Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All many things (actually, DO NOT call them horrorcore, but nervous and anxious doesn’t initially come to mind.)

But that’s exactly what Tyler the Creator, Hodgy Beats and other members of the crew were before hitting the stage at the 2011 mtvU Woodie Awards in Austin, TX last night.

MTV News cameras were backstage and trained on the LA based crew to document their visit to the South by Southwest festival and caught them working out their nerves just before performing.

“I’m nervous like…Zoey Kravitz just hugged me and sh--,” said Tyler, the Creator to the camera.


Meanwhile, Left Brain showed off the skateboard he was going to ride on stage while Domo Genesis said, “I might just go crazy, I don’t know what I’m going to do. It’s going to be wild as sh--.”

“It’s going to come out legit,” Tyler said of the then pending performance, before adding, “I gotta pee too.”

Hodgy Beats mentioned that he couldn’t wear his t-shirt on stage before going to a round of expletives to help settle him down. “I’m not anxious anymore,” said Hodgy. “I got it out. I’m good. Let’s wild out a little bit.

When showtime arrived, all the nerves disappeared and Tyler set things off by kicking his verse to “Yonkers” backstage while a little person doppelganger came down long steps and onto the stage. When the verse was over a masked Tyler walked out to applause, kicked the little dude off the stage and tore into “Sandwitches.”

By now you’ve heard that OFWKGTA got busy on stage and afterwards it was high fives all around, celebrating another successful show. Swag.

Tyler, the Creator’s sophomore album Goblin is due in stores May 10.

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