Odd Future, Tyler, Targets Kanye 'I’m Coming For Kanye West’s Head'


By Kathy Iandoli

Sounds like Tyler the Creator is the real muthaf----in' monster.

Yesterday (March 16th) at the 2011 MTVu Woodie Award rehearsals, MTV caught up with OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All) for a very revealing few minute interview. When asked what inspires the rising Hip-Hop stars, group leader Tyler, the Creator stated Odd Future’s objective. “To be better than everyone,” he stated. “’Cause I hate everyone and I want to be better than them and I want them to know that.”

Then he continued in an unexpected direction.

“So I’m coming for Kanye West’s head, because he’s my competition,” Tyler boldly stated.

Just recently, Kanye West tweeted a link to Tyler, the Creator’s disturbing video for “Yonkers”, where the video displays Tyler eating a cockroach, vomiting, and hanging himself all within the span of a few minutes. Tyler was humbled and shocked, and tweeted his feelings on the honor of a Kanye cosign. However, while still a fan, Tyler also sees Yeezy as his biggest threat.

“I’m a big Kanye West fan, and I also compose music and I rap and I direct videos. I don’t want him thinking he’s the only person that could do that,” Tyler continued. “My competition isn’t like these other upcoming rappers and s**t. It’s him.”

Of course both Kanye West and Odd Future fans had something to say.

“Tyler, The Creator might actually have a point…or is it because I'm such a major Kanye stan?” @danielaguilarr ponders. @NotoriousB_O_B sides with OFWGKTA: “Tyler knows what's up.” @Scott_CEOofSUH agrees. “LMFAOOO! I f**ks wit these n**gas yo.”

Others found the notion to be…ambitious. “Tyler, the Creator said KanYe West is his only competition. #stopmoe,” @Based_Dre tweets. “This dude Tyler, The Creator said he's coming for Kanye and that's his ONLY competition,” another user @HotmixPrinceJay continues. “Damn man”. “Tyler, the Creator and Amber Rose are the overnight celebrities Kanye was talking about,” @Abstract_Fresh says.

Kanye wasn’t the only person shouted out in Odd Future’s interview. Tyler Perry was called out, as well as Bruno Mars, who as Tyler, the Creator noted, “He look like a dumb b**ch”. Tyler mentions Bruno Mars in “Yonkers” with the line, “…and stab Bruno Mars in his gotdamn esophagus and won’t stop until the cops come in.”

Will the Kanye West cosign stop after this interview? Who knows. One thing to note, however, is that Kanye West rose to fame because of that very same level of confidence.