Odd Future Lands An Adult Swim Pilot


By Kathy Iandoli

Nothing is stopping Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All.

In their Billboard Magazine cover story, the twelve-man ensemble revealed an Adult Swim pilot that they will be producing. “In the pre-buzz days, the Odd Future crew would post homemade comedy skits on their Tumblr and mention dreams of one day turning them into a show for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming,” says journalist Andrew Noz in the cover story. “Now they’re producing a pilot for the network, which management describes as a mixture of ‘Jackass’ and ‘Chappelle’s Show.’”

Fans are already buzzing about the news.

“Odd Future is getting an Adult Swim pilot,” @angelmontero tweets. “Can they get much higher? Unbelievable.” Since the crew came into entry-level fame last year, the movement hasn’t stopped growing. All of this from a group who is barely out of their teens.

“Odd Future are making an adult swim cartoon? 5 years ago they were all watching Dora the Explorer for reals!” @djlocdog jokes.

Odd Future’s rise to fame began organically, as the group pushed independently until they were noticed. Now even Steve Rifkind is trying to court the group and bring them to the majors. “Odd Future developing a show for Adult Swim is an example of the power of the indie grind,” one user @JustinIV4 tweets. “If they aren't already, majors should be scared.”

While OFWGKTA is breaking new ground with their sound and style, they aren’t the first recently to announce a foray into animation. Just last month rapper Drake revealed he too will be cartooned for LeBron James’ web series “The LeBrons”.