Yelawolf Says No To A Battle With Cyhi Da Prince And Eminem


In a battle between Yelawolf and Cyhi Da Prince, who would you place your bets on? Save your money because Yela already says he doesn’t want it with Cyhi.

Yesterday on RapFix Live, the latest addition to the Shady Records roster joined host Sway and during the show’s “Pass The Mic” segment, Lupe Fiasco asked Yela which MC would he avoid “like the plague” in a straight bar for bar rap battle.

The unassuming southern rapper, who possesses one of the more blistering flows in the game, humbly bowed down to his new boss Eminem – sharing the same faux nemesis that Lupe said he would never battle. “I’d say Marshall is definitely at the top of the list," agreed Yela. “Cyhi Da Prince is metaphorically the illest dude out right now in my opinion. Just the way that he can flip words, he’ll just tear you apart.”

Yela confessed during the interview that battling wasn’t his forte such as it was for Em in his younger days coming up in Detroit. Hailing from the small town of Gadsden in Alabama, the opportunity for head to head competition for Yela was scarce. “Where I grew up, there was never a battle scene,” shared Yelawolf. “I never got to exercise that because frankly it’ll get you beat up in Gadsden.” Yela added, “There was never no scene, no ciphers, no real scene to get in. So I’m not really equipped in that arena anyway.”

Yela wrapped up his answers succinctly by saying “I definitely wouldn’t want it with Marshall or [Cyhi Da] Prince. Nobody does.”