Nicki Minaj Remains Silent On New Album, Looks To Bury Competition


Nicki Minaj has already sworn off doing collaborations for the next two years – making one lone exception for Britney Spears. But with all of the free time, could it mean that fans should expect a new project this year from the Young Money diva?

Nicki’s wildly successful Pink Friday is still burning up the charts and with her upcoming video for “Super Bass” ready to drop, salivating fans may have more reason to cheer after the starlet dropped hints that she may be back in the booth.

Speaking with MTV News on the set of the “Super Bass” video, the fashionable beauty vaguely spoke on the possibility. “I can’t confirm or deny if there’s another album in the works,” shared Nicki. “All I can say is that what is in the works will be epic.”

Dangling the carrot even further to the masses, the “Moment 4 Life” star added some more mystery to the project by not fessing up to the release date of this big moment. “When it’s coming out, I can’t tell you,” teased Nicki. “But it will quench everyone’s thirst, ‘cause all these bitches is my sons,” said the record breaking rapper with a beaming smile and curious laugh.

What could Nicki have meant by her last sentence? Could she be aiming her attention to a particular female rapper? Already the top-selling female rapper, surpassing all of her contemporaries with 14 weeks on the rap Billboard charts, what else is there left to prove for the queen from Queens?

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