Diddy-Dirty Money, Skylar Grey Perform 'Coming Home' On American Idol, Fans Weigh In

By Kathy Iandoli

This evening, fans and contestants on “American Idol” watched a Hip-Hop idol take the stage.

Diddy visited “Idol” once again, this time to perform his new single “Coming Home” with Dirty Money and not-so-newcomer Skylar Grey. Ryan Seacrest introduced the performance, as Skylar Grey started the song at a piano with the opening lines, “I’m coming home, I’m coming home. Tell the world, I’m coming home.”

The song turned cinematic with strings as Diddy was flanked by Dirty Money ladies Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper, who sang larger than life on high platforms, complimenting Diddy’s soft vocals.

The background “Idol” screen was a presentation of shots from Diddy’s life and career, similar to the moments flashed when “Idol” contestants are “coming home” after losing the competition.

While the performance was touching, fans shared mixed reviews on Twitter.

“Against long odds: enjoyed diddy dirty money tonight on american idol. Yes, diddy dirty money,” @mateoj3000 confidently tweets.

“Why does Diddy dirty money keep performing on idol?” @TheCool18 asks, before raising a bigger question, “ and when will dawn & the other chick just walk away from the ‘group’?”

The irony of Diddy performing in the presence of former girlfriend Jennifer Lopez was not lost on fans either. @45rev was hoping for a spectacle. “Shame on Ryan for not forcing awkward interaction between Diddy and J Lo. #Idol.”

This isn’t the first time Diddy-Dirty Money delivered a new single to “American Idol.” Just last year, the trio performed on “Idol,” debuting their single “Hello, Good Morning” for the “Idol” crowd. However, this time Diddy came with some sage advice.

“You get out of life what you put into it,” Diddy told the contestants. “You have to keep on practicing, keep on rehearsing. Never give up believing in your dreams. You guys have made it this far. Keep God first in your life, and don't stop. Don't ever stop.”