Yelawolf Not Revealing 'Radioactive' Features ... For Now


Sometimes, rappers can sure be stingy and fans can certainly be spoiled.

Newly signed Shady Records artist and 2011 XXL Freshmen Yelawolf joined our own Sway today on RapFix Live and the southern gentleman let viewers in on what to expect from his upcoming album Radioactive – but the slick-tongued spitter would not reveal to Sway some key information regarding the release. Yelawolf also raised an interesting point about how social media has changed the game for artists like him.

Sway pressed the “Pop The Trunk” rapper on who would be featured on the new record, trying to get the Alabama native to admit new boss Slim Shady would join him on the release. “There’s features that are gonna be on this project that I’m not gonna tell anybody, “said Yela. When Sway threw out Eminem as a guest name, Yela bobbed and weaved his way out of answering the question outright. “You can guess. I don’t know you can see,” the southern star jokingly remarked.

Regarding the announcement of albums and the like, Yela raised an interesting point about artist exposure via social media to Sway. “I just know that we’re over exposed right now,” added Yelawolf. “Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, anybody with a flip cam, all the blogs. And, you know, thank God for the blogs because I owe my success to that but there’s got to be some sense of mystery. Do you want to know the whole movie before you go watch it?”

Yelawolf’s defense of not talking up his features wasn’t entirely impenetrable. Sway got the rhymer to agree that Yela would discuss with him any of the album songs that happen to leak outside of his control to the public.