Eminem's 'The Eminem Show' Strikes Diamond

By Kathy Iandoli

Eminem may not be one of the Roc Boys, but he can throw a diamond up now.

His fourth studio album (counting 1996’s Infinite as Eminem’s debut release), 2002’s The Eminem Show was officially certified Diamond by the RIAA on Monday (March 7th) moving over ten million units in the United States becoming one of five Hip-Hop albums to achieve such a status.

Eminem fans are obviously thrilled.

“One of my fav albums ever! Cool,” tweets @emperorliu about the news. “Eminem's album ‘The Eminem Show’ is finally Diamond...good stuff right there,” says @MrBobbyLopez.

“Eminem went Diamond. Wow. That's huge for a rapper these days,” acknowledges @MannyDaEngineer. The Eminem Show offered two huge hits, “Without Me” and the pensive “Cleanin’ Out My Closet”.

While certain outlets are reporting that this is Eminem’s first Diamond album, Em’s third studio album The Marshall Mathers LP has also moved over ten million units in the U.S.

“@Eminem is officially the best rapper alive having 2 albums go diamond that’s 10 million sold each,” @TheflymalcolmX calculates. “This dude eminem went diamond...AGAIN!!! CRAZY!!!!” @VAFREE757 exclaims.

This is just another notch in Shady’s belt, as this year alone he took home a Grammy for Best Rap Album for Recovery, broke a You Tube record as the first rap artist to hit one billion views on the media platform, and became the first person to achieve 30 million likes on social-network monster Facebook.

Eminem’s next Diamond feat is Encore with about seven million albums sold, as 2010’s Recovery has already sold well over three million units, moving closer to four million by the day.

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