Guru Clothing Line Coming Soon

Last April, beloved front man for legendary duo Gang Starr, alongside DJ Premier, Keith “Guru” Elam passed away due to complications following a cardiac arrest. His death sent shockwaves throughout the hip hop community, sparking many fitting tributes dedicated to Guru’s valuable musical contributions over the years. For fans of Guru, his legacy continues to rage on in the realm of fashion.

The G.U.R.U. (using the “Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal” acronym made famous by Elam) clothing line is a collaboration between The X Label and Listen Clothing, making three fashionable t-shirt designs available to the public.

One of the shirt designs named “I Am GURU” is a black shirt emblazoned with white lettering showing the chronological evolution of the Guru’s career. Another shirt, “Keithy E Demo Tape” displays an actual demo tape cover Guru created while in Boston. The white shirt features the cover of the tape and Guru in all black complete with a serious b-boy stance. The last shirt of the line is the now sold-out “Love Sick” design, titled after Gang Starr’s 1991 single of the same name from their second album Step In The Arena.

The X Label was founded by Guru’s nephew Justin Nicholas-Elam Ruff in Los Angeles last year. Listen Clothing is a southern California helmed by a pair of Peruvian-born brothers, the Revellis, who largely focus on hip hop-themed fashion.

The inception of the clothing line definitely has an aim far larger than having fans looking fresh. A percentage of the sales of the G.U.R.U. line will go to a trust fund set up for Guru’s son Keith Casim.