Lupe Fiasco Supports Barack Obama But Says He's Not First Black President


Lupe Fiasco is still not drinking the Barack Obama Kool-Aid.

The Chicago rapper made it a point to emphasize that President Obama is not the first Black president in a recent interview. Before you start crying foul, Fiasco was only being very specific.

“I love Obama, and I love the fact that it's a black president of the United States of America, but he's not the first Black president,” Fiasco told “Robert Mugabe is a black president too so let's not get to talking about precedents being set. The fact that he's Black and American, that's different. But that it's anything special beyond that, that just because of that everything's going to be a utopia, then that's not true."

Robert Gabriel Mugabe is the President of Zimbabwe and was elected into power back in 1980. Other black presidents have included Nelson Mandela, who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.

In the United States of America there have been questioned raised about the ethnicities of at least five Presidents. Then there is Bill Clinton, who author Toni Morrison infamously referred to as the first Black president of the United States. Fiasco was asked about Obama specifically because of a line in “Words I Never Said” from his just release third album Lasers. Fiasco raps, “Limbaugh was a racist, Glen Beck is a racist, Gaza Strip was getting bombed but Obama didn't say shit/That's why I didn't vote for him, next one either…”

To this, Fiasco told, “I was never on the bandwagon of Obama like that, because I’m not on the bandwagon for the American Government, the Federal Government. It’s not all 100 per cent evil, but it does a whole lot to not make you think that. The economical policies that are instigated really makes you think that the American government is a bunch of evil bastards. So just because you’re black you’re still representing that government, and when Obama came into office he enacted the same policies that we would critique other presidents for.”

Fiasco isn’t the only prominent hip-hop artist to take Obama to task in recent months. Diddy told The Source Magazine in its February/March 2011 issue that he still supports Obama, but that he needs to step it up when it comes to supporting African-Americans.

“I love the president like most of us,” did told The Source. “I just want the president to do better. There’s a difference between us voting for somebody and us believing in somebody. He’s the person that we believed in so I pray night and day that he understands how God ordained his presidency. I feel there was a promise made to God to look after people that was less fortunate, and [many] of those people are African-American...”

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