Lil Kim Talks Notorious B.I.G.


On the eve of the fourteenth anniversary of the tragic slaying of beloved rapper Notorious B.I.G. there is no mistake that the Brooklyn rapper was an influence to many, in particular to Junior M.A.F.I.A. protégé Lil Kim. On RapFix Live last Thursday (March 3), the Queen Bee opened up to host Sway regarding Biggie and his impact on her life and career.

“Biggie taught me a lot of things that I will keep in a very sacred place, “shared the diminutive diva. “He is the one who basically let me know that somebody’s always watching you.” When Sway pressed about the meaning of that sentence, an obviously emotional Kim added, “Just be careful what you do, be careful of your surroundings, he did talk to me a lot about that.”

Biggie and Kim’s relationship was not a secret to the hip hop world and while Kim acknowledged that fact on RapFix Live, she went on to say it was much more than romantic for her.

“Although we were in a relationship at one point, he basically was like a big brother and he was [like] a father sometimes,” shared Kim. “If he saw me doing something wrong, he would correct me right then and there no matter who was around and how he had to talk to me. A lot of people looked at him as being very controlling over me but I guess at times I kind of looked at it like he just really looked at me as something very delicate.”

The Notorious B.I.G., born Christopher Wallace, was killed March 9, 1997 while sitting in an idling vehicle while in downtown Los Angeles by an unknown assailant. Recently, new leads have been formed in an attempt to solve the murder and the Wallace family is working with attorneys to come to a form of legal resolution against the city of Los Angeles.