Lil’ Kim On Foxy Brown: “I literally helped dress her!”


By Kathy Iandoli

During Lil’ Kim’s interview with RapFix Live, she revealed an interesting anecdote about her and longtime rival Foxy Brown. It happened while on the set for the video Bad Boy trio Total’s “No One Else” remix, which featured Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown pre-drama.

“Foxy is wearing my shoes in that video,” Kim explained. “It’s the truth, literally.”

Per the Queen Bee, Foxy wasn’t pleased with the outfit Diddy (Puffy at the time) planned for her, as Kim’s outfit appeared more cute and sexy. “Those shorts she was wearing were for me,” Kim revealed. “Puffy looked at me as like the little sexy kitten one, because that was me. So he had those for me with the little cropped shirt. She whined and she whined, so I gave her that outfit. I literally helped dress her.”

Kim had no hard feelings on switching garb, since she came prepared in designer fits, with Moschino leggings, Chanel belt, Gucci boots, Moschino jacket. “I came fly,” she said. “I wear a 5, she wears a 7, you do the math. But at the end of the day we gotta make it work somehow. So I helped her out.”

This story served as an example of how Kim has always wanted to fellow women in rap to win, when Sway questioned her about the probability of working with Nicki Minaj. While that still seems highly unlikely given the circumstances, Kim insists that she enjoys the friendly competition.

“I want to see the next girl fly,” Kim says. “As a matter of fact, I like to be amongst beautiful women.”