Kanye West And Rihanna Push The Creative Boundaries In Their Videos

Kanye West, Lady Gaga and Rihanna have pushed the edge visually in recent music videos, most certainly testing the laws and boundaries of censorship. Late last year, Kanye’s video for the cameo-heavy track “Monster” leaked to the public and Mr. West pulled no punches in bombarding viewers with shocking images. Because the video never saw the light of day, many fans incorrectly assumed the video was banned by many networks, including MTV.

Rihanna has taken her reincarnation as a sex kitten quite seriously with the racy video for her single “S&M” – which also took many risks in being as over the top as possible with the many sexually charged images abound in the video. While getting yanked from YouTube and having her video banned in 11 countries may not have been the Barbadian pop star’s goal, Rihanna seemingly welcomed the fanfare and controversy surrounding the video.

Lady Gaga’s video for “Telephone” was also thought to be banned last year but as reported, the network did not shut down the airing of the pop star’s video alongside featured megastar Beyonce.

The controversies surrounding these highly visible stars and the images they put forth in their videos have led to countless discussions amongst fans and journalists about just what counts as indecent in a culture that has seemingly grown numb to the shock of today’s edgy videos.

Today, MTV announced that like the Lady Gaga situation, the network has not banned Kanye’s video for “Monster” and have asked the Chicago native for edits that would make the video fit for play on the network’s video channels. Kanye has yet to respond to the matter and has seemed to move beyond the video, focusing instead on his newest single and with the aforementioned Rihanna “All Of The Lights” – which too has had a spate of controversy surrounding it as well.

Are entertainers taking things too far with their videos? Are we entering a new phase in the censorship fight?

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