Da Brat Talks Prison Time, Next Career Moves

So So Def recording artist – and the first solo female rapper to sell platinum – Da Brat was released from prison on February 28. The Jermaine Dupri protégé served three years in a Georgia prison on aggravated assault charges incurred in 2007 at an Atlanta nightclub in which reports say the rapper attacked a waitress working that evening. Upon her return to the industry Da Brat sat with celebrity gossip blog Bossip to discuss her time in prison, which celebrities came to show support and what the future holds for her career.

“All my family, all my friends. My mother — of course my sister (Lisa-Raye). JD wrote me,” said Da Brat. “Despite what people had to say about my brother JD, he just could not see me in that light and I understand that. Some people don’t want to see their people locked down, so I’m not mad at him at all,” she added about her mentor. Da Brat also noted that couple Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon visited her along with comedian Katt Williams.

The Joliet, Illinois native faced some of the typical challenges celebrities faced in prison, including dealing with judgment from prison officials and fandom. ” Some of the officers were haters of course. When you come in they pre-judge you,” shared the artist born Shawntae Harris. “Once the officers got to know me everybody was like ‘Ah you’re mad cool, you’re nothing like what you thought you were’,” added Harris.

Da Brat also told Bossip that inmates were fighting over braiding her signature locks and even was tested by her fellow prisoners. “A couple people tried to test, but once I got in that as like ‘Eh-eh it ain’t happening, don’t even try it.’ You gotta let them know and once I did that nobody tried me since,” added Da Brat.

Jermaine Dupri still supports the star and Harris shared that her longtime boss and friend will be sending her studio equipment to her home in order to work on new tunes as she is now on house arrest. The rapper will also keep her window shop job as part of the work release program she entered in early 2010.