Chris Brown And Wiz Khalifa Drop A 'Bomb,' More Photos Leak

By Paul Cantor

Chris Brown can probably attest that while timing may be everything, it’s not always on his side. To wit, on the heels of unleashing “Bomb,” featuring Wiz Khalifa, from his upcoming LP F.A.M.E.— due in stores March 22nd— all anyone seems to want to talk about are nude pictures of Chris Breezy that leaked online earlier yesterday. Certainly the chatter dominating the conversation about the young singer at the moment seems to be mostly regarding his private parts. But it shouldn’t serve to take anything away from “Bomb,” which seems like it could prove to be another hit for Brown.

The song finds the singer curiously singing about his member, which is all that much more relevant considering the day the song leaked. “Oh me, oh my, your body like a monster/ let me get inside, your booty I’ma conquer/ Ain’t no question bout my size …” he sings over a bottom-heavy drum beat. Later in the song, he curiously raps on the third verse, furthering speculation that he may be looking to be take MCing more seriously. Again, considering the timing of the song leak, reaction to the track seems to have taken a backseat to talk of what he looks like naked. But some fans have weighed in with opinions.

@Bronzzze tweeted, “I just really am in love with that beat … Its cool wiz did alright breezy rapped on it That beat though!!! 2nd time listening to it!!!” while @HipHopUpdate said, “chorus is annoying but it has mainstream single potential.”

Other people felt that Chris needed to ditch the rapping and incorporate more melody into his songs again. @Felicious1908 wrote, “first impression like it don't love it. it's going to get a lot of radio and club play … I wish Chris had done more singing.” @SubConsThreads wrote, “chris brown needs to get back to crooning and give up the rapping experiment … doubt it will do anything past a few spins its first week, not a good song for either of them, seems forced.”

@HipHopUpdate was more succinct. He wrote, “chorus is annoying but it has mainstream single potential.” And from all the way in Malaysia, Moots from the indie rock band Pop Shuvit weighed in, writing, “If there ever was a summer hit … this is it … the comeback kid and the new rockstar. Pure fire.”

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