Lil Kim And Fendi Talk 'Black Friday' Mixtape


When the Queen speaks, the people listen.

Brooklyn’s own Lil Kim visited the set of RapFix Live with Sway and the Queen Bee addressed all the hoopla surrounding her return to the game and her alignment with Nicki Minaj’s former manager Fendi.

Sway got Fendi to open up about his involvement in Lil Kim’s career, his discovery and split from former mentee Nicki Minaj and the alleged sales and true aim of the Black Friday mixtape, claiming that the focus of the project is not the Young Money diva.

“It not even about that, it’s not even about Nicki,” said Fendi decrying the rumor that Kim’s new release was aimed at Minaj. “Black Friday is Kim making a re-entrance but basically clearing a way for all the buffoonery that was going for the last couple…since I left the situation,” added Fendi. The Black Friday mixtape cover shows the pint-sized veteran violently beheading a figure obviously meant to depict Nicki Minaj, fueling the assumptions many had.

Sway pressed on Kim and Fendi on a possible Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj collaboration, but the pair quickly shot it down. “Nah, not no time soon,” said Fendi. “The check would work it out. We about loyalty so we sit at the table and we might come to an agreement her (Nicki’s) loyalty might just change her whole attitude by the time we get to the studio.”

Before Fendi joined the conversation, Sway asked Kim about the delayed release of Black Friday and Kim deferred to her new manager and business partner to address the issue, but did offer a small taste of what fans should expect who ordered her mixtape via PayPal. “Trust me, we got some treats for all the fans, “said Kim . “They’re gonna be so happy.”

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