Kid Cudi And Wale Reconcile, Fans React

By Erika Ramirez

After a long day of water cooler talk over Charlie Sheen, bromance filled the timelines of many when Kid Cudi and Wale reconciled via Twitter.

Over an hour ago, today (February 28th), Kid Cudi initiated the reconciliation, with a simple, “yooo." Wale played it cool and responded, “yo.”

Then silence.

Last year (October 2010), in a candid interview with Complex Magazine, Kid Cudi spoke on his relationship with Wale, “I really don't understand what's up with this guy, but he's just somebody I don't click with anymore. I started making changes in my life and started to realize positive energy around me, and he never really had a good energy… He always acts like he's bigger than what he is, and I don't fuck with that at all…” And of course, when speaking of Wale, Cudi dropped the infamous line, “we don’t f*ck you, musically.”

Elliott Wilson, founder of Rap Radar, tweeted that both rappers did talk, “ Wale and Cudi did speak. Beef squashed.” Wale spoke with Wilson and confirmed that they both spoke and all is well.

It gets better. Minutes later, both Cudi and Wale get back on Twitter.

“It’s never too late to make things right,” Kid Cudi tweeted. Wale tweeted to Cudi followed with, “@wizardcud and followed it up with “GOOD x MMG… of course.”

In light of the reconciliation we turned to the ‘net for the fan’s reactions, which have been lightly edited for grammar and content.

“Wale and Cudi hugged it out… aww” Kazeem Famuyide, Online Editor at Source Magazine, tweeted.

“I’mma need Wale and Cudi to get a room” @niccijosephine tweeted.

@KingMarv1 weighed in, “You’ll never see this RT @RickyRozay @50Cent Bawse! RT @50Cent @RickyRozay You were never a cop RT @RickyRozay @50Cent Yo.”

“It’s not a beef when its’ about as harmless as a 12 year old girl” Remi, Rap Radar commenter, weighed in.

“They was never beefin, more like Tweefin,” Able Danger, another Rap Radar commenter, said.


Make-ups are in the Twitter air. On February 25th, Rihanna and Ciara got into a Twitter catfight over a few words that Ciara had shared on Rihanna on E! New’s. Fortunately, both apologized and made up.

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