Fans React To Onslaught Of New Eminem Tracks

By Kathy Iandoli

Eminem Recovery wins the Grammy for Best Rap Album and with it comes several not so new tracks to hit the internet., the site that recently leaked Lil Wayne’s snippet of “You and I,” dropped a whole project of previously unheard Eminem tracks.

The mixtape/EP, titled Straight From the Vault EP, features eleven Eminem songs, varying in time periods judging by Em’s ever-changing flow on the tracks. The release has very few cameos, including one with Obie Trice on “Emulate Me,” one with B.o.B. on “Things Get Worse,” and another featuring D12 titled “Going Crazy.”

Fans of Slim Shady are welcoming this new wave of tracks, regardless of how long ago they were recorded.

“The new Eminem tracks are massive!” @MrJasonM emphatically tweeted, amongst several retweets of download links to the EP all over the Twitterverse.

Some high points on the project include a track called “G.O.A.T.”, where Em is acknowledging his place in Hip-Hop despite what others might think. There is also a questionable line on the track aimed at Jay-Z and Kanye West. “They keep on saying the same rappers are the best, Jay-Z & Kanye West / Maybe they’re just trying to distract you from the fact that I’m coming back / Or maybe it’s cause I ain’t black / Maybe it’s because of that / Maybe it’s because I’m the highest selling artist in rap,” he says on “G.O.A.T.”

Most of the tracks sound differently from Em’s rhyming style from Relapse to Recovery – which fans currently refer to as the “accent” – representing the slight cockney patois Eminem has been inserting into his flow. However, while the new tracks are exciting to hear, others question where they came from and how they reached our ears.

“There's loadsa Eminem tracks leaking, think they're mostly Relapse 2 leaks tho,” @TheSwamps tweets, assuming they’re from the follow up Relapse project that never materialized. “Have you heard of that fool who hacked Eminem's computer and is releasing his tracks?” another user @_iTzShowTime tweeted. Whether or not Eminem intended for these songs to hit the web remains to be seen.

There are more songs outside of Straight From the Vault, that have leaked (referred to as “The Lost Tracks”, including a remix to 50 Cent’s “I Get Money”.

While these songs may never see a formal release, @VickSlate tweeted it best: “Eminems unreleased tracks > your released ones”.

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